Saturday 28 November 2009

identify this test

Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase from below and ONLY THEN click on the “gap” box to check your answer.

identify somebody as something
identify somebody with something
identify something with something
identify with somebody
identify yourself

It was November, 21, 1991.
The matter was delicate and urgent. The Première was due to be held the next day. What could they do?
In such a case, they needed the best of the best.
Befitting his status as the best, he arrived at short notice. He wouldn’t say his name, and nobody knew it. He always simply as “The Cleaner”.

Things were about to take a turn for the worse. Walt Disney had always been family values such as decency, honesty, solidity and goodness. But its good name was about to be stained.

The animators of Beauty and the Beast had been checking the film reel one more time before the Première when they had noticed that in all the frames Belle was replaced with one of Cinderella’s evil ugly sisters.
Apparently the evil sister had been hatching her plan for years – she had just been waiting for a cartoon where another beautiful heroine, with accompanying angels, proclaiming endless love towards people and birds, would conquer the hearts of little girls. She hadn't succeeded with The Little Mermaid because it turned out that she suffered from aquaphobia, and she hadn't really fancied swapping with Sleeping Beauty as there was almost no action for her.
“Why is kindness and beauty always a happy marriage?” – Cinderella's evil sister asked the her younger evil sister. The latter one, of course, her elder sister as she wasn’t any prettier or happier, but she didn’t see what could possibly be done.
But the elder sister decided to prove the whole world wrong: she climbed out of the Cinderella reel and kicked Belle out of hers.

The Cleaner locked himself in the editing suite with the two reels for 8 long hours. No one dared to interfere - his clothing and demeanour a consummate professional.

To this day, nobody knows how he did it, but the Première was saved and they say the Cinderella’s ugly sisters’ faces looked even sourer than normal when re-watching the cartoon.

Many thanks to this week's guest contributor - Yulia.

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