Saturday 3 October 2009

a test of face

Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase from below and ONLY THEN click on the “gap” box to check your answer.

cut off your nose to spite your face
face time
fall flat on your face
put your face on
take something at face value

Bobo and Hobo were in their caravan.
It was half past six and there were only 40 minutes before they were due to perform.
Bobo sat in front of a mirror applying his clown make-up. Hobo was lying on his back on the couch.
'Stop moping around and,' commanded Bobo. 'It's nearly time.'
'I can't think about laughter,' said Hobo miserably. 'I'm in love.'
Bobo snorted. 'Ha! You've barely spoken to her. You're in love with a dream, Hobo. If you had a little with her, you'd soon realise she's not all sweetness and light. Fire-eaters stink of petrol, you know.'
'Not Mamashka!' retorted Hobo. 'She smells like furniture polish, if anything. But no, I'm too scared to speak to her.'
'What are you worried about? Tripping up? is what you're meant to do - you're a clown for goodness' sake.'
'I'm not just a clown Bobo. You shouldn't. I have hidden depths.'
Bobo turned round to face Hobo. 'You have hidden depths?'
'Yes, I want to be a painter.'
'If you become a painter and leave the circus, you'd be - you'd never see her again.'
Hobo sighed. 'Well at least my anguish would be over....'


Ramon said...

This is my favorite test so far Tony. Thank you!

Tony said...

Hello Ramon - glad you're still there and glad you like this one too.

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