Saturday 17 October 2009

can you handle this test?

Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase from below and ONLY THEN click on the “gap” box to check your answer.

fly off the handle
get a handle on something
handle well
handle with kid gloves
too hot to handle

'Okay, this one needs, you hear me? This one is special, with a capital SP.'
Fat Jacky Z nodded his head while he chomped down on his doughnut. After chewing for a good ten seconds or so, he asked, 'What's so special exactly? This is another freak show, no?'
Tomato Joe, who was, as always, busy peeling a tomato, sat at his desk. 'This is not what it is, Fat Jacky, no. Not at all what it is.'
Fat Jacky Z waved his half-eaten doughnut irritably through the air. 'So? Help me it, then, why don't you.'
'Ok, Fat Jacky, calm down. No need to. No need for that at all.'
Fat Jacky Z grunted as he took another big bite from his doughnut.
'No, what this is, is a girl called Geige from Europe some place, the Steppes maybe, I don't particularly care, maybe she don't know too well herself, it doesn't matter. Now, she is in the Big Apple, this is what matters.'
Fat Jacky Z shoved down the last of his doughnut and brushed the crumbs off his shirt. 'Joe, you're killing me here,' he exclaimed. 'Country girl comes to the big bad city. It's not exactly news, you know.'
Tomato Joe waved away his employee's objections. 'Give it a couple of weeks, Fat Jacky, and this Geige girl will be the talk not only of this town but every other one on the planet. I'm telling you, she will be.'
Tomato Joe tossed the skin of his tomato into the bin. 'Because she has a talking cow.'
'A talking cow?'
'U-huh. It's no bigger than a dog, but it speaks perfect English. Better than you and me, actually. Only, it don't without her, you understand. With her, it's as chatty as can be; without her, it goes all dumb.'
Fat Jacky Z nodded. 'Hence the kid gloves.'
'You have it in a nutshell, my fat friend. Be, as they say, as nice as pie.'


Cleo - My Loud Ideas said...

This is funny. :} it sure is a nice test to use

Tony said...

Hi Cleo - many thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you like it.

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