Saturday 27 June 2009

take a test

Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase from below and ONLY THEN click on the “gap” box to check your answer.

be taken in
not take kindly to something
take it from me
take some doing
take something out on somebody

When Aaron got the call he was already in a hurry as he knew Karan was going to arrive soon.
He picked up the phone. It was Bronwyn. 'Karan will be around in 15 minutes,' she said.
'Ok,' said Aaron, thinking and acting quickly. 'I'll quickly wash and shave now, then.' So saying, he put the phone down and rushed into the bathroom.
He was just lathering up when the phone went again.
Once more it was Bronwyn. 'Did you hang up on me?' she demanded. 'I people hanging up on me.'
'What are you talking about?' Aaron asked, caught completely by surprise.
', I didn't hang up on you!'
'You so did! You're obviously in a bad mood and you're me!'
'This is ridiculous Bronwyn. I just wanted to get on because Karan's coming round and I'm barely even up. I thought it would to make me even later than I am already for her, but somehow, with your help, I've achieved it! Obviously, I'm terrible sorry if I appeared brusque in any way.'
Bronwyn sighed. 'And that's you apologising is it? Well, I'm sorry too because I'm not by that for a minute. You're not sorry at all!' She slammed the phone down.
Aaron shook his head. 'O I'm sorry alright,' he muttered to himself. 'Sorry I ever picked the phone up!'

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