Saturday 13 June 2009

a biting test

Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase from below and ONLY THEN click on the “gap” box to check your answer.

a second bite at the cherry
bite off more than you can chew
bite the bullet
bite the dust
bite your tongue

No one thought she could do it.
Everyone said that Mrs Carrot was mad, that it was too difficult, and that, basically, she had.
Actually, Mrs Carrot had originally tried it the year before, but it had failed. This was and it was going to be a success, she was sure.
As she hurried to her laboratory on the outskirts of town the summer sun scorched the pavement and threw up a quivering heat haze on the horizon. Her invention was needed more than ever.
Just before she reached her laboratory, she bumped into the condescending Mr Corkhead.
'Invented anything recently, Mrs Carrot?' he chirped in his silly little falsetto voice.
Mrs Carrot wanted to call him names and poke a finger in his pudgy face and tell him what she thought of him, but she decided to instead. He would see. They all would see.
'O no,' she replied lighteartedly. 'Nice talking to you Mr Forkhead. Bye.'
Once inside the laboratory, Mrs Carrot looked at the workbench where her invention lay. To the naked eye there was nothing there, but to Mrs Carrot there was an answer to the hottest temperatures the summer could throw at her.
For what lay on the bench was a body suit made of minature nano-bots. Each bot was a tiny air-conditioning unit complete with fan which was powered by the electrical valency of the skin.
She had decided to test the suit today. She had been putting it off but, with the temperature in the mid 30s, it was now time to.
So, donning the suit, she ventured outside and into the sunshine.
Instantly, she felt the thousands of little air-conditioning units burst into life. There was a light breeze at first, then a stronger one which, in turn, became a wind. The wind grew stronger and stronger and Mrs Carrot suddenly realised the wind was so strong she was being blown into the air.
'O no,' she cried to herself, as she sailed into the air, now wildly out of control. 'O no.'
She wasn't upset that she was about to disappear into space, but rather that another of her ideas - her last, in fact - had.

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