Saturday 30 May 2009

a test of x, y, z

Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase from below and ONLY THEN click on the “gap” box to check your answer.

Generation X
X marks the spot
A-Z of something
catch some Z's

Like every other member of, Brian worked in a video store. He worked there with his slacker friend, Ray.
'Hey dude,' Brian said to Ray as he walked in to work at midday. 'How's it hanging?'
'Dude,' grunted Ray. 'It's been a totally bogus morning.'
'S'up?' enquired Brian, lazily high-fiving Ray, who was opposite him on the other side of the counter. 'Give me the everything that's whack in the world of Ray.'
'Ok, you want the whole works. First of all,' said Ray counting it off on his fingers, 'there's work. Totally uncalled-for, dude. Every day: work. Secondly, my brother thought it'd be the most fun if he stole all my boxers.'
Brian winced. 'Don't mess with a man's boxers, dude. Seriously uncalled-for.'
'Exactly, dude. For real. So I'm like borrowing my dad's.'
'Dude, that's so not cool.'
Ray nodded. 'Exactly, man. Bogus city. And to top it all, I have the most enormous zit on my chin.'
'Where, dude? I don't see it.'
Ray turned the right side of his face to the light. ', dude,' he said pointing to it with his finger.
'Man, that's most heinous. You know why you got that?'
'The universe is against me?'
Brian nodded his head. 'Exactly, dude. So many bogus experiences in one morning - it's stressing you out. You need some beauty sleep.'
'Awesome advice bro',' agreed Ray. 'I'll go in the back and. You'll be ok on your own?'
'Dude, it's lunchtime. I'll shut the shop while I go down Maccy D's for a coffee and some of that ice-cream they make from powder.'
'Respect, bro'.'
'You know it.'


Pyotr said...

Is this based on Bill and Ted?

Tony said...

Hello Pyotr - yes, it is, at least partially, although I haven't seen either of the films for a long time now.

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