Saturday 4 April 2009

a pressing test

Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase from below and ONLY THEN click on the “gap” box to check your answer.

press charges
press something home
pressing matter
press on
press for

'I'll be D'Artagnan,' said the boy. 'Who will you be?'
The girl scratched her nose carefully. 'Spiderman,' she declared.
'Spiderman is cool,' said D'Artagnan, a little ruefully. He wasn't exactly happy with the choice of Spiderman. He felt it was a little childish, to be honest. However, it was not a so he decided to ignore it and with his plans instead.
'Do we have any plans?' asked Spiderman.
'Yes,' replied D'Artagnan. 'We're going to explore the Antarctic. You will need protective clothing and a gun for polar bears.' It had snowed while they were at school and this was their first chance to go outside.
'I don't need a gun,' Spiderman informed D'Artagnan. 'I have my web.'
'But polar bears have claws,' insisted D'Artagnan. 'Big, sharp cruel claws - ten on each paw,' he went on, making slashing motions in the air to. 'I think you should take a gun.'
Spiderman said nothing.
They donned their wellington boots and winter coats in silence. D'Artagnan was not happy. He had been more realism in their games recently, but she just didn't seem to get it. Perhaps polar bears didn't seem dangerous enough.
'There will probably be aliens too,' said D'Artagnan. 'And the Ice Queen. She might be there.'
'Ok,' said Spiderman nonchalantly. 'I have my web.'
D'Artagnan was annoyed. 'And what will you do then? Imagine you have the Ice Queen, a polar bear and three aliens in your web - do you think that will keep them there?'
'Then the police come. Silly D'Artagnan,' she responded.
'The police come?' he repeated incredulously. 'What? And you ?'
'Press what?' she asked.
'Never mind,' he retorted grumpily.
They stepped outside. It was almost dark, but the moon was out and it shone on the bright white snow. They both looked up.
'Ill take a gun if you want,' said Spiderman, still looking up.
'No,' replied D'Artagnan happily. 'It's ok really. You have your web and I have my sword. We'll be ok.'

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