Saturday 7 March 2009

a killer test

Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase from below and ONLY THEN click on the “gap” box to check your answer.

make a killing________the suspense is killing me

____kill something____kill_______it wouldn’t kill somebody

Don Repente, the famous vampire, was hanging upside down from the ceiling, trying to get some kip before midnight, when Delicanta came in.
'You wouldn't believe what just happened to me,' she exclaimed, kicking off her black leather boots and putting on some fluffy white slippers in the shape of sheep.
'Probably,' remarked Don Repente.
'Don't you want to know?' she asked me.
'O yes,' he said languidly. '.' He sighed. 'I wish something would.'
'I totally,' went on Delicanta, ignoring Don Repente's sarcasm.
'Amazing, and you a vampire as well,' said Don Repente with his eyes still shut.
'No, you don't understand - people were laughing at me.'
'You weren't wearing those slippers, were you? You know, to look the part occasionally.'
Delicanta shook her head. 'When I'm at work, I dress appropriately. Mind you, whoever came up with these slippers must have - I see them everywhere in people's houses....'
Don Repente interrupted. ' the travelogue Delicanta, and get to the point. Honestly, I've been alive for 754 years and most of them seem to have been spent waiting for you to tell me why people were laughing at you tonight.'
'Well, it was very simple. I told some people that I was real vampire. And do you know what they said? "Are you in property?" Honestly, humans, I'll never understand them...'

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