Saturday 21 February 2009

have a test

Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase from below and ONLY THEN click on the “gap” box to check your answer.

be had ____have someone on____have it out with someone
_____haves and have-nots___have nothing on something/someone

Mavis and Darth, an old married couple from Penge and the royal family's most ardent fans, were sitting down for their afternoon tea when the phone rang. Mavis picked it up.
'Mrs Vader?' said an expensively modulated voice.
'It's in the post,' said Mavis. 'My husband forgot to post it when he went to get his corns done.'
'No, Mrs Vader,' continued the voice. 'I'm not after money. I'm the Queen.'
'The Queen?' repeated Mavis incredulously. 'You're. What would the Queen want with me? The don't mix, everyone knows that.'
'But I am the Queen.'
'And I'm Cameron Diaz. Listen, if Dave put you up to this, tell him I'll him when I see him. I when Dave pretended to be the Duke of Edinburgh, but I'll not fall for it again. Especially as your impression his. So go on: sling your hook.'
And so saying, Mavis slammed the phone down.
She stood there frowning for a second. 'No, she said thoughtfully. 'It couldn't have been, could it?' She suddenly looked at Darth. 'You sound a bit chesty, love. We'll have to get you to the doctor's.'


Anonymous said...

What an interesting idea for a blog! I'm going to have to have my fifth graders in Illinois come visit the site and expand their vocabulary!

Come visit us!

-Mr. Lund

Tony said...

Hello Mr Lund - I'm glad you found the site interesting. I'll be sure to pop by yours.

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