Saturday 24 January 2009

get carried away with this test!

Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase from below and ONLY THEN click on the “gap” box to check your answer.

carry someone_______carry the can______carry a lot of clout
as fast as your legs can carry you____carry all before you

Alexander the Great drummed his fingers on the ledge of the visa office window.
Constantin, a visa clerk of 21 years' experience, looked up from where he was thumbing through Alexander's papers. 'Please, sir. It doesn't help.'
Alexander thumped the ledge. 'Listen you ingrate, don't you know who I am? I'm the cat's miaow! I'm the Emperor of the known world! I with your bosses! In fact, I am your boss!'
'That's as maybe, but if your paperwork isn't in order who's going to? I'm pretty sure it won''t be you, sir.'
'How ridiculous! I'm the greatest warrior in the universe! Who's going to argue with me? You see me coming and if you have any sense you run away!'
Constantin sighed, as if used to hearing such arguments. 'Listen, sir, let us suppose you turn up at the Kazakhstani border, ready to, when you suddenly realise your documents aren't in order. You'll feel pretty foolish having to trudge back here with 100 000 warriors in tow, now won't you?'
Alexander stuck his head in his hands. 'I guess.'
Constantin smiled. 'Thank you for understanding, sir. Now,' he said, turning to a pile of papers, 'there appears to be a problem with your bank statements. It seems like you don't have enough money to finance your trip. If that is the case, we won't be able to give you a visa. You can't expect the host country to, now can you?'
Alexander sighed. 'Obviously.'


Anonymous said...

What is the cat's miaow? It isn't in my dictionary.

Tony said...

Hello Varya - if someone thinks they are 'the cat's miaow' it means that they think very highly of themselves.

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