Saturday, 13 December 2008

like a test?

Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase from below and ONLY THEN click on the “gap” box to check your answer.

like so _______ like I say _____ like it or lump it

the like of it _____ what are you like

Having been shipwrecked and stranded on a tiny desert island for 25 years, Valerie and Foo-Foo were beginning to tire of their surroundings.
‘What’s for dinner?’ asked Foo-Foo
‘Fish,’ replied Valerie, slapping a plate of fish in front of Foo-Foo.
‘Again?’ Foo-Foo complained. ‘ But we had that last night and for the previous 9124 days.’
‘Listen, darling, (1). You’re welcome to eat at one of the other restaurants on the island.’
‘Well maybe I will!’ exclaimed Foo-Foo.
‘Maybe you will what? Lump it?’
‘Yes, just watch me - (2),’ she said, standing up and throwing the fish back into the sea. ‘There!’
‘(3) Foo-Foo Fontaine,’ declared Valerie, tucking into her own fish and laughing. ‘So shocking, I do declare.’
Foo-Foo sat back down again. ‘Do you remember when that half-eaten Snickers bar washed up on the beach? Now that was a meal.’
Valerie stopped chewing and looked wistfully into the distance. ‘Yes, Foo-Foo, I do remember. In fact, I’ll never forget it. We’ll not see (4) again.’
‘Valerie? Don’t look so pensive. Please. Now, tell me, what’s for breakfast tomorrow?’
Valerie turned back to Foo-Foo. ‘Fish, darling, fish.’
‘Yes, Foo-Foo dearest. (5), you’re welcome to eat out....’


юлия said...

If Foo-Foo and Valerie have been on the island for 25 years, have they made any children yet?

Teacher said...

That's probably because Foo-Foo and Valerie are both women...

юлия said...

you ruined the story for me! if Foo-Foo actually was a woman (a proper russian woman for example), she would have never blamed the other woman for having fish all the time. She'd get up, go dig some worms and fry them up with local island herbs and they at last would have some proper "meat with vegetables". Only men do what Foo-Foo did.

Anonymous said...

Foo-Foo was a man. A woman would be called Fee-Fee.

Teacher said...

Should the gender of Foo-Foo be in any doubt, one could do worse than consult either this or this.

юлия said...

That's a line from one of your links (that was a mistake on your part): "Foo-Foo is a fictional dog in The Muppet Show. He is a white poodle owned by Muppet diva Miss Piggy." In black and white it says 'He'! Or are you trying to say that Foo-Foo is a poodle in your story? Then as a dog he rightly refused to eat fish! Plus animals also have the right to sex (as in male/female)!

Professor of Foo-Fooology said...

I'm not sure how many men would wish to be named after poodles - certainly none that I know - but those that do deserve to be shipwrecked on a small desert island for 25 years with only fish for breakfast, lunch and supper.

Anonymous said...

Фуфловый профессор Фуфел Фуфловович!

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